Commercial Properties

Sunrise for Commercial Property Inspections

Whether you’re a real estate professional, commercial property owner or a property manager, Sunrise Inspections can provide you with accurate information about your property. If you’re thinking of selling, refurbishing or remodeling your property, Sunrise will provide photo-documented, actionable information you need to develop a cost effective strategy for the property’s improvement and/or repair. Sunrise Inspections will give you the answers you need to make smarter decisions about where to invest in the property.

Wide Availability with the Best Product in the Industry

Sunrise serves most of Southern California and offers one of the best products in the industry. We have performed thousands of inspections. Our inspectors are CREIA and ASHI certified and regularly invest in continuing education to stay up-to-date on building codes and safety.

Sunrise Inspections is very flexible and can accommodate almost any scheduling quirk. Weekends, Sunday nights, or, our favorite, early morning inspections, are all acceptable. Once we confirm an appointment (you will a phone call to confirm), you can count on your inspector being there as agreed.

Professional and Transparent

Sunrise encourages the client to be present during the inspection so that we may answer any questions you have and explain findings while performing the inspection. Photos are taken throughout the inspection process and are later included in our comprehensive Inspection Report. Once completed, the report is available online.

Impartial: Property Inspection Is All We Do

Property inspection is all we do. We do not offer repair services, contractor services or cleanup services. We have no motivation other than to provide you, our client, with an accurate report about the condition of your property and it’s various systems. Unlike many other inspection services, we encourage you to be present and take part in the inspection so you can understand the findings in the report.

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