Property Inspections

Ever wonder what kind of shape your home is in? Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial building owner or property management company, Sunrise Inspections can take care of all your inspection needs. If you’re thinking of selling, refurbishing or remodeling your home or commercial property, Sunrise can provide you with an overview of the condition of your property so that you can develop a cost effective strategy for its improvement and/or repair. Sunrise Inspections will give you the answers you need to make smarter decisions about where to invest your improvement dollars.

Sunrise offers excellent residential property inspection and commercial property inspection services to most of Southern California. Sunrise proudly offers one of the best products in the industry: When you schedule your inspection with Sunrise, you will be getting a friendly and professional inspector, who is familiar with all of the Building & Safety Codes in California. In addition, our inspectors are CREIA certified and ASHI certified, guaranteeing you the most qualified inspectors in the industry. Unlike some others, we at Sunrise encourage the client to be present during the inspection, so that we may answer any questions you have, and explain the findings of our inspection. Photos are taken throughout the inspection, which are later included in our comprehensive Inspection Report. Once completed, the Report can be immediately accessed on the internet, with a confidential password.

What Is Included In The Inspection?

Sunrise Inspections takes pride in the level of detail provided in its reports. Some of the areas we inspect are:

  • EXTERIOR: Grading, walls, coverings, patios/decks, patio covers, side walks/driveways, soffits/fasciae, doors/windows/trim, gutters/downspouts, retaining walls, fences/gates.
  • STRUCTURE: Foundation, crawl space, footings/columns, floors, walls, chimneys.
  • ROOFING: Structure, coverings, flashing, skylights, vent/stacks.
  • ELECTRICAL: Service entrance, grounding, panel/subpanels, branch circuits, outlets, GFCI’s, circuit integrity.
  • HEATING & A/C: Description, combustion systems, a/c components, supply/discharge lines, venting, ductwork/registers, controls/thermostats.
  • PLUMBING: Main supply line, distribution fixtures, vents/traps/drains, functional flow.
  • INSULATION: Attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air/vapor barriers.
  • INTERIOR: Walls, Ceilings, windows, floors, doors, stairs, fireplaces, smoke detectors (test buttons)

How Long Will It Take?

The average inspection takes approximately two to three hours, depending on the size, condition and age of the property. Sunrise Inspections will provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing the findings of the inspection, complete with photos for easy reference.

Annual Checkups

Sunrise can arrange to inspect your property annually. Use the annual report to keep your property and its systems in top shape. Over the years, you can expect to avoid costly emergency expenditures. The annual inspection from Sunrise will identify many small problems before they become large ones.

Mobile Home Inspections

Sunrise offers mobile home inspections with the same level of detail as any property. Please call to arrange an inspection.


Remember to be prepared for your property inspection so that the inspection can be completed. In California the following rules apply:

“Seller shall make the property available for all buyer investigations. Seller shall have water, gas, electricity and all operable pilot lights on for Buyer’s investigations and through the date possession is made available to Buyer.” (Excerpt from: Paragraph 9B of the California Association of Realtors® California Residential Purchase Agreement)

CREIA, the California Real Estate Inspection Association, offers a checklist to help prepare for a property inspection. Read it below or click here to download a printable version. Sunrise charges half of the original inspection fee to come back out for a re-inspection if the property is not accessible, or if the property cannot be fully inspected on the first appointment.

  • All utilities are on
  • Pilot lights are lit (The gas provider will usually light pilots at no cost to the owner)
  • Attic access is clear of clothing or stored items
  • Crawl space entrances are not blocked or nailed in place
  • Water heaters are accessible
  • Electrical panels are accessible and not locked (Electrical sub-panels inside the home are often painted and removing the cover will mar the finish. The seller’s agent should ask the seller to grant permission to the inspector to remove the panel cover to look for life/safety issues)
  • Furnaces are accessible
  • Sinks, showers and bathtubs are clear of dishes or personal items
  • Built-in appliances are free of stored items and can be operated
  • Areas or items to be inspected are freely accessible
  • Pets are secured (Unsecured animals should be removed from the property or secured in an area that will not need to be inspected if the seller (or occupant) will not be present)