5.0 |  03-18-2019
Review by Mitch J. in Van Nuys, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 I am a Dad on the east coast with a daughter in Ca, Ed explained his mold testing to me and then to my daughter who hired him. He explained the testing process to her, took the tests, and explained remediation. His handling of people through this takes stress off of the home owner. 

5.0 |  05-10-2018
Review by Rachel B. in Los Angeles, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 Ed was extremely friendly and very thorough. He explained everything to me and took his time while working. His report came back promptly and when I had questions, he answered them for me. He comes highly recommended by many realtors and home owners. Would use again! 

5.0 |  09-17-2018
Review by Arthur S. in Santa Barbara, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 Ed was honest and detailed. After researching many other companies, Ed was also the least expensive. After Ed left, I felt 100% confident I had made the right choice in hiring him. Very friendly, answers the phone and was on time. 

5.0 |  11-15-2016
Review by Yoni S. in Westlake Village, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 We had a great experience with Ed Castro. He showed up promptly, and gave us honest advise as to what to test and what not to test. His reports arrived exactly when he said it would, and he went an extra step by reviewing all reports with client. 

5.0 |  03-08-2017
Review by Jobi M. in Newbury Park, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 Ed was FANTASTIC to work with! 

5.0 |  12-26-2016
Review by a homeowner in Newbury Park, CA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold

 Ed was very thorough and went beyond just testing for mold and looked at my home for the reason for the water issue. He was kind and professional. 

5.0 |  10-31-2016
Review by Eric S. in Newhall, CA
Project: Inspect a Home

 Ed is a real pro, and misses nothing that is in violation of the building code or local codes. If you want an inspection that catches all the issues with a residence for sale, Ed is your guy. his report is easy to read and understand, and the use of many images explains everything to which his narrative refers. Have questions about anything in his report? He will return your call and provide direct answers to direct questions! His grasp of providing quality customer service to his clients is like a breath of fresh air in today's world of "no response after we get paid". Need a solid inspection? Don't waste time looking around for a cheaper price, because if you do you will just get less service.